Explore. Investigate. Contact. 
 Known for my passion and energy - "I am the mapmaker, the guide, the coach - You tell me where you need to be and I'll tell you how to get there..." 
I am a diagnostician and therapist; a "Worry Doctor" for children, a "Pathfinder" for the lost, and a "Coach" for the inspired.  I am an Examiner, Evaluator, and Consultant.  I am a Behavioral Scientist, interested in human cognition and behavior.  I endeavor to assist every person that walks through my door.  I teach people how to capitalize on their strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses.  If I don't have the answers, I will gladly guide and direct you to another reputable source.
If you are in need of psychological assistance or just want to elevate yourself to a higher level, don't wait another minute.  Call me today. Schedule an appointment for an initial interview.  All contacts are privileged and confidential. 
                              Let's sit down together and see if my practice                                       meets your individual needs. 
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