Neuropsychological Testing is an applied science that concerns the assessment of brain function and dysfunction.  This specialized form of psychological measurement provides data that assesses normal and abnormal brain functioning through a broad range of emotional, behavioral, and cognitive measurements.  The results offer an opportunity to identify and qualify specific areas of deficiency including speech and langage problems (Aphasia), Auditory Processing Disorders (CAPD), attention and focusing problems (ADHD); difficulty with handwriting (Dysgraphia); problems in gross and fine motor functioning. The
test results, combined with your bio-medical/psychosocial history, combine to provide a complete profile.  The resulting report can assist your physician or neurologist in determining the need for more diagnostic procedures (PET; MRI; etc.) or the prescription for treatment (OT, PT, medication, etc). 
  Neuropsychological testing is particularly useful in identifying early changes in brain functioning that may indicate memory loss, early onset dementia, Alzheimer's Stages, the need for Guardianship, motor vehicle operation ability, and the ability to make sound life decisions.  
  Psychological Testing utilizes standardized tests to assist in identifying personality traits and characteristics; to identify psychopathology; to identify academic functioning; to determine aptitude and placement; to delineate the need for a higher level of treatment and/or to assist in determining whether symptoms are characterological, endogenous (within the individual), or exogenous (stemming from external stressors).
  Summary:  Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing are useful tools.  Results are used as a baseline of current functioning, an assessment of brain damage or deterioration; as a sensitive measure of cognitive decline and possible deficit.  The results of your neuropsychological testing are compiled and committed to a document that will further assist in determining the need for more extensive neurological/psychological treatment. I offer neuropsychological assessments for School Evaluations, Geriatric Status Evaluations, Independent Medical Exams (IMEs), and as a consultant to psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, and other medical professionals.  To schedule your neuropsychological or psychological testing today, please contact me at:
                            Your assessment will be completed quickly and your full report will
                                     usually be issued within 10 days of the evaluation.
Neuropsychological & Psychological Testing